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  • The best way to describe most of the interior decorating and design industry’s billing and rates, is to say that expertise and value is quantified in increments of time, and therefore is invoiced at an hourly rate. ARIM offers both Hourly Rate Fee Structures OR Set Design Fees based on the scope of work for your project.

    ARIM’s expertise and value is not only shown in inspirational and functional designs, but also in the ability to flawlessly manage who, how, and when to deal with suppliers, trades, and clients.

  • Every project begins with a two-hour, in-home (or office) Introductory Consultation

    Contact ARIM to discuss your project details, budget, and timeline, and we will schedule your Introductory Consultation.

    What you can expect to gain from the two-hour Introductory Consultation working session: ARIM will review your “wish list” and existing floor plans, advise on changes if warranted, discuss colour of hard finishes and paint selection/placement, advise on type/layout of furniture you may need to purchase, window coverings, artwork, lighting, etc., help you determine/create a comfortable budget for hard and soft finishes, answer any additional on-site design questions that you may have, and discuss policies and procedures if you chose to move the project forward with ARIM. At the end of the two hours, you will have a clear and thorough plan for the scope of work to move forward. If the client chooses to move forward on their own, no further commitment is required.

    If you plan to move the project forward with ARIM services after the Introductory Consultation, ARIM will create a Design Time Proposal (projection of Design Hours required to complete the scope of work), Contract and Receipt of Retainer. Once this paperwork has been approved by the client, your project is officially launched! ARIM team can begin designs and sourcing to create your functional and beautiful space.

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A Room In Mind was established in Jan 2012. Owner and lead designer, Keely Coles, has worked in the Interior Decorating & Design industry since 2005.

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