About Us


A Room In Mind was established in Jan 2012. Owner and lead designer, Keely Coles, has worked in the Interior Decorating & Design industry since 2005.

The ultimate goal of ARIM is to provide impeccable customer service while enriching your life with a carefully curated space that celebrates your individuality, combined with a highly functional design.

What drives the ARIM team? We believe that your wish list ~ what inspires you, and what designs compliment your lifestyle, are the keys to the design process. We build on those ideas and introduce you to new perspectives, new possibilities and innovative designs.

Why choose a room in mind?

Keely and the ARIM team are known for creating beautiful and functional living spaces that reflect each valued client’s individual lifestyle and wish list. An additional, but equally important role, is managing the many important decisions, details, and deadlines that are involved in a custom build, interior transformation or renovation. Any project and transformation can be a stressful and an overwhelming process at times and could possibly involve regretful and costly decisions if a professional is not part of your team.

The ARIM team understands that every project is an important investment. They are prepared to guide clients in the right direction when making decisions regarding where time and money are spent. Expertise and experience in concepts such as scale, balance, and colour allow our team to make confident decisions to solve unique design challenges and help create functional and beautiful spaces.

Your project needs a professional team

A Room In Mind has a network of connected professionals and suppliers providing quality products, committed services, and industry/client referrals. By combining these quality resources, ARIM offers clients the total package of interior decorating and design services plus exceptional customer service. Keely and the ARIM team will develop the best plan to accomplish your goals to create a beautiful space and they are committed to educating and presenting clients with new concepts, products and ideas.

What about our rates?

The best way to describe most of the interior decorating and design industry’s billing and rates, is to say that expertise and value is quantified in increments of time. ARIM offers Set Design Fees based on the scope of work for your project.

ARIM’s expertise and value is not only shown in inspirational and functional designs, but also in the ability to flawlessly manage who, how, and when to deal with suppliers, trades, and clients.

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Our studio is located in Downtown, Burlington and we service clients all over the GTA plus cottage country! Please contact us to be inspired and get started on your design journey.